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Welcome to the Work in Progress Community

This site bundles all the important news and updates, valuable resources and opportunities and past and upcoming activities of the Work in Progress (WiP) alliance partners. Explore how WiP creates jobs for youth, what the project is about, and which ventures have been supported by WiP to create more employment opportunities.

Partner News & Updates

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Implementing Partners

Ahead of the Curve

Evolve, Grow, Sustain

Enterprise Development Centre

Building the capacity of SMEs


Horn of Africa Voluntary Youth Committee, operating in Somaliland and Ethiopia.


Designs, delivers & evaluates innovative programs addressing local challenges

She Leads Africa

A community for smart and ambitious young African women


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fostering prosperity and stability in the region.


Discovering Design Thinking

Discovering Design Thinking

In Discovering Design Thinking you will gain a better understanding of design thinking and its benefits. You will dive into the steps of the… read more

Understanding your Customer

Understanding your Customer

In Understanding your Customer you will apply your knowledge to real problems and how to solve them. This course looks more in-depth at challenges… read more

Developing Agile Solutions

In Developing Agile Solutions you are going to learn by doing! With some quick and easy ways to validate your idea, you can bring… read more


The Work in Progress! Alliance

… aims to enable young people from diverse backgrounds to generate sustainable living wages and create optimism about their future in Egypt, Nigeria and post-conflict Somaliland.

Our focus

Building young people’s skills for today and the future to find paid jobs or set up their own enterprises.


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