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Online business courses

start a business online course

Start your business

The ‘Start your business’ course is aimed at founders who are in the phase of developing ideas and testing product-market fit. The first module focuses… read more

Growing a business online course

Grow your business

The course on ‘Grow your business’ is for startup founders who are looking to scale their operations when they are getting traction for their… read more

Page Profile Learn from top business minds image of Finance

Finance your business

The ‘Finance your business’ course is aimed at entrepreneurs who are looking to raise external capital. In the first module you will learn how to… read more

Your legal business VC4A Startup Academy course

Your legal business

The ‘Your legal business’ course is aimed at founders who want to learn more about the legal implications of setting up their business and… read more

More courses for innovators: Design Thinking by Butterfly Works

Discovering Design Thinking

Discovering Design Thinking

In Discovering Design Thinking you will gain a better understanding of design thinking and its benefits. You will dive into the steps of the… read more

Understanding your Customer

Understanding your Customer

In Understanding your Customer you will apply your knowledge to real problems and how to solve them. This course looks more in-depth at challenges… read more

Course Profile Developing Agile Solutions image of Header Image X

Developing Agile Solutions

In Developing Agile Solutions you are going to learn by doing! With some quick and easy ways to validate your idea, you can bring… read more

The Founder Series

The podcast dedicated to sharing knowledge and experiences, from founders, for founders!

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Mentor-Driven Capital

Business angels have more to offer than hard capital.

mentoring startups in africa

Understanding how to add value to a starting business is core to becoming a successful business angel. Mentors have the ability to create immense value for startups by sharing the knowledge and experiences they have gained and the networks they have built over the course of a career.

VC4A has developed the Mentor-Driven Capital (MDC) approach with the mission to sustainably strengthen local startup ecosystems by leading the path for aspiring mentors. The 3-month program provides the best tools, guidance and lessons learned to business professionals and industry leaders for successful mentorship engagements.

Mentor-Driven Capital is where business angels combine financial backing and mentorship to guide entrepreneurs to success

See all past and upcoming MDC programs in the opportunities section.


The podcast dedicated to sharing tips and best practices, for flourishing mentoring relationships, sustainably strengthening the startup ecosystem!

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