Shaqodoon Announces the Launch of a Third Bits School in Mogadishu

Shaqodoon Organization has announced that it will be opening its third Bits School in Mogadishu, MogaBits will be part of the WeAreBits umbrella (Operating across 12 countries across three continents Africa, Asia and Europe) and will offer diverse I.C.T courses.

The MogaBits ICT lab has been fully equipped with all-in-one computer devices and will have three paid program classes, which we aim to serve 120 students yearly. Students will have a variety of courses to benefit from, including graphic design (advanced graphic design, and motion graphics), business analytics, advanced excel skills, data visualization, data analysis, and digital marketing.

Anyone who wants to get into programming will be equipped with programming language applications such as HTML/CSS, Javascript, PHP language, Python language, Android and iOS apps development, Laravel framework, bootstrap framework, GitHub platform, Database MYSQL, and Microsoft SQ.

About Bits Academy

In 1999, Butterfly Works was founded with the launch of the first Bits School: NairoBits. Owing to the level of success, the concept has been replicated to similar settings in other countries. Together we developed a digital design education franchise model, called the Bits Academy. It has resulted in the launch of many more schools based on the model, including in Uganda, Pakistan, Nigeria, Somaliland, Ghana, Tanzania and Ethiopia. The Bits Academy Program is a one year hands-on training in the field of ICT and multimedia, where skills in web development, web and graphic design are imparted on the youth. The skills make talented young people capable designers and developers in the vibrant ICT industry in the region of the Bits school. Entrepreneurship training supports them to become freelancers and entrepreneurs in their own right. Additionally, the training is blended with life skills which help the youth deal with the most immediate challenges they face in their lives.

About Shaqodoon

Shaqodoon is a local NGO founded in 2011 to create innovative and long-lasting solutions to Somalia/land’s youth employment challenges. The NGO is the upshot of the former EDC Somali livelihood project funded by USAID that provided youth in Somaliland, Puntland, and South-Central Somalia with greater opportunities to access to work, training, internships, and self-employment opportunities. The organization designs, delivers, and evaluates innovative programs to address some of the local community’s most urgent challenges in livelihood skill training, education, and health. Shaqodoon Organization is a service provider dedicated to skill development, employment services, youth entrepreneurship, private sector business development, and technology for development. Shaqodoon makes use of participatory methods to ensure youth participate in delivering its services.