Startups of Alex Live Showcase 2022: What Happened, and How 8 Startups Rocked the Stage

The Live Showcase is the time for each startup to showcase the achievements made throughout the intense months of the incubation program

On the 3rd of February 2022, IceAlex showcased the top 8 startups from the flagship program Startups of Alex. During the virtual night, the startups lit the virtual stage with their innovation, pitching to investors, community members, mentors and experts from across the region.

The startup teams are the Fifth and six batches of graduates of the Startups of Alex, coming in different specialized fields including; Artificial Intelligence, E-commerce, Creative Industries, Circular Economy … and many others with vivid innovative mentalities and adopting purpose-driven approaches. During the Live Showcase, we get to know the start-ups that are ‘graduating’ as they pitch in front of the interested investors, experts, and the community pillars.

The virtual night started with a few words from IceAlex and Oxfam, then a word from the cycle mentors.

Under the Work in Progress! Alliance and with the efforts of IceAlex our partner in Egypt; The program supported 24 startups across Egypt. 40% of the founders are women! —Nehal Ali, Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Specialist – Oxfam Tunisia

The Startups pitched their impressive innovations through a series of recorded pitch videos that showed the sum of effort and advancements these 8 startups have gone through the cycle.
Now let’s have a look at the 8 startups and what they offer to the market.

Logos of the 8 startups pitched at the SoA Showcase

OZY Adventures

OZY Adventures is a startup specialized in adventure traveling inside and outside Egypt, as well as organizing extreme sports training, events, and adventure trips to discover the hidden gems of Egypt, the world, and above all of their adventurous souls.


Motajer Is an e-commerce SaaS platform to create an online store in less than 5 min without any coding or development-operation, to solve a lot of development and security operations at a low cost.


Stepinside V-Commerce 1st Virtual Commerce Platform in MENA it creates virtual stores for brands with Augmented Reality and VR technology, we generate a Beautiful, fast, seamless Experiential V-commerce platform

Innova Kits

Innova Kits is a learning and innovation kits from zero to hero from 6 to 99 years, Its slogan is innovation for all. You can learn about STEM, Electronics, Robotics, IOT “internet of things “, AI “artificial intelligence, and programming by amazing kit and interactive online content.


Vlaby is the first virtual labs’ platform for school students in MENA, that allows students and teachers to conduct practical science experiments in a virtual online lab that simulates the traditional science laboratory and has all lab equipment, chemicals, devices, glass tools, and other laboratory tools, Thus, the student can conduct experiments anytime, anywhere and from any device


Diqqa is an eCommerce marketplace that specializes in craft supplies and tools. We provide local artisans, as well as DIY hobbyists, with the materials they need to unleash their creativity. Instead of wasting hours in the markets trying to find the supplies you need, Diqqa helps you find them in minutes, and have them shipped right to your doorstep.


SALEK is an outsourcing delivery app for businesses. It allows businesses to focus on their core- processes without going through the hassle of delivering products to their customers


NT3LM provides an integrated educational system for students, parents, and teachers.

Apply to the next batch of “Startups of Alex”

Now coming to this stage, Icealex launched the call for startups for the Spring-2022 cycle, you can view and apply to the program through this link. Make sure to apply before the deadline March, 6th 2022.